Horse Racing Betting in the US

Horse Racing betting originated in the United Kingdom in the 1600s, but it was brought to the US in 1665 in New York State. The sport is famous worldwide, and the US laws, like any other type of betting, are different in each state. The betting on Horse Racing could soon change because of specific legislation, but nothing is certain. Pari-mutuel betting is legal in thirty-two states currently, but that number could change. The most famous Horse race in the US is the Kentucky Derby, held on the first Saturday of May. Many people refer to it as “the run of the roses,” and it's in Churchill Downs. In 2019 a new record was set for the highest wager placed on the Derby, with a $149.9 million stake.

Types of Races Available


The main differences between the various horse races in the US are by location, whether the race includes obstacles and distance. We will describe some of the more popular types of races on the continent below.

  • Quarter Horse Races – these races are the ones in a quarter of a mile or less. Specific horses are trained for these short sprint races, and some of them can reach a speed of fifty-five miles per hour. They are the most popular types of races and horses for breeding, with millions of American Quarter Horses registered.
  • Thoroughbred Horse Races – these races involved Thoroughbred horses, which are specifically bred for these races. There are two main types of races in this category – flat and jump racing.
  • Thoroughbred Flat Horse Races – this sub-type of racing is the most popular and established in the US, and it's the type of race for the most popular events in the US, like the Kentucky Derby. It involves flat tracks made of synthetic material or dirt and turf.
  • Thoroughbred Horse Jump Racing – these races are longer, and horses and their riders have to clear obstacles like water, for example. The range is anywhere from two to almost five miles.
  • Standard Horse Races – these types of races include Standardbred horses, used for chariot racing, horse shows, and pleasure riding.
  • Endurance Horse Races – as the name implies, the Endurance type of races are more extended, and the ranges are between ten and a hundred miles. The most famous and longest Horse race in the world is the Mongol Derby, with an impressive distance of 620 miles.
  • Arabian Horse Races – these types of races include Arabian Horses (known for their stamina and endurance) with Eastern roots, which are most common in the Middle East. That is why these races aren't prevalent in the US but the Mongol Derby, for example.

Places You Can Wager On Horse Racing


The best places you can wager on Horse Racing are on a track, but if you prefer an online option, you can try these options:

  • BetAmerica
  • TVG
  • TwinSpires

The most famous platform is TVG, and it has many customers. It's a fan-favorite because of the available tips and handicap betting. You can benefit from different features on the platform, like past replays, daily picks, TVG blog, and past performances, and also watch live streams on the platform.